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Top Three Surprisingly Simple Diets

Diet tips are short snippets of advice that can help you win your battle with the bulge. I have some important, surprisingly simple diet tips that you should practice before you even set the dinner table. It’s amazing how easily we can lose tract of the amount of calories we put in our mouths. Everyone underestimates how much they really eat. So, before you pass out the drinks, toss the salad or serve up those all natural take-out food containers consider the following:

Diet Tip #1: Liquid calories eventually add up

It’s easy to fill up on drinks and not feel full. Yet, the calories in diet sodas, orange juice and milk add up but go unnoticed. Drinks don’t really make a dent in your stomach so you tend to keep guzzling. When you set your table limit drink portions to a minimum. Add a pitcher of sparking water with a twist of lemon as your center piece. Keep that 24 pack of soda or juices out of sight.

Diet Tip #2: Organic foods are still fattening

Organic food choices are great for health and wellness. People tend to eat up to 40% more of foods labeled low-fat or organic. Can you believe that some of the heaviest people are vegetarians? It’s fairly easy to go overboard when we feel something is good for us. The healthier food is the more we nibble. Organic or low-fat foods aren’t magically fat free. Eat all food choices in moderation.

Diet Tip #3: Salads aren’t always healthy

Some people think that a bed of lettuce transforms any meal selection into a low-fat meal fiesta. Salads often turn out to be fat magnets of cheese, avocado, croutons and dressing. You should select only one protein for salads. That delicious egg, cheese and salmon salad is a dangerous fat-building trio. Dried fruits and nuts should also be limited. Choose one type per salad. Roasted vegetables cooked with oil should be avoided or limited as well. Low-fat dressings may sound promising, but the sugar content is unhealthy. The best dressings to use are olive oil and lemon or regular vinaigrette.

The above diet tips should help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. Most of all, while you’re preparing the meal that will grace your table, refrain from constantly sampling the food. Snaking before the meal is even transported from the kitchen can add an extra 300 calories. My best diet tip for you regarding meal preparation, is that you avoid grazing in the kitchen on an empty stomach. Do what I do, set a ” no graze ” rule for yourself and chew gum. Hey! It works for me and it can work for you.